Advanced gaming experience in Harrisburg PC Xbox PS5

In Conquer Escape Rooms and Gaming, they have installed Hologate, a virtual reality experience.

Wade Randall describes himself as a “video game geek.”

Now, he’s about to share that love with the community in Harrisburg.

Conquer the escape room Not new to the area, but for now, the business is now adding an aspect of gaming to the community. It will be accompanied by 12 “high-end” computers, and settings for virtual reality. This includes the Hologate, a multiplayer virtual reality system that uses haptic vests and hand controllers.

The company will also have six modern consoles including three Playstation 5s, three Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switches. There is also a “retrostation”, which includes Playstation 1 and Nintendo 64.

“(You can play) any and every game you could think of, and if we didn’t have it, we’d make it,” said owner Wade Randall. “…the basic concept is just to create a social space for players to be able to play with the latest hardware… we kind of want to take advantage of the number of people who are playing and give them the best possible experience and at an affordable price ever.”

It’s inside a massive facility that measures about 100,000 square feet, according to Randall, and includes escape rooms, a trampoline park, and basketball courts.

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Looking to add an adult lounge, bar in 2023

TVs line up to play the Conquer Gaming console.

Alongside the new gaming center, Randle said the company expects to add an 18-foot by 20-foot bar on the top floor, along with classic arcade games. It is expected to open in January of 2023. The company is expected to target the elderly with its classic and board games.

“This is where we’ll have more of the traditional stuff, but it’s something futuristic,” Randell said.

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