What is the “longevity” regimen, and will it really make you live longer?

You may have heard of longevity dietThey promise to extend their lifespan — but what exactly are they and are they different from other diets that promote good health? The Longevity Diet is a set of eating recommendations compiled by biochemist Walter Longo, director of the Longevity Institute at the University of Southern California. He … Read more

How to help your teen get moving

Editor’s note: Before starting any new exercise program, check with your doctor. Stop immediately if you feel pain. CNN – It’s no secret that exercise is important to your health, whatever your age. It is tempting to assume that children have no problem staying active. After all, there’s a sports class at school, a kids’ … Read more

Laureate says women in medicine should fight for ‘equality, pay, justice’

Choose a section Empowerment / Inspiration September 22 2022 4 minutes to read Source / Disclosures Posted by: source: Healio . Interviews Disclosures: Bhardwaj reports on consultant/consultant or board member roles with Apricity, BioNTech, Boehringer Ingelheim, BreakBio, Carisma Therapeutics, CureVac, Genentech, Gilead, Novartis, Primevax, Rome Therapeutics, Tempest Therapeutics and Rubius Therapeutics; and industry research support … Read more

Turkey cuts interest rates again despite 80% inflation

The number of Russian tourists to Europe decreased significantly during the summer, but increased in several other destinations, including Turkey (here). Onur Dogeman | soba pictures | Light Rocket | Getty Images Turkey’s central bank surprised markets once again with its decision on Thursday to cut its key interest rate, despite the country’s inflation soaring … Read more

EEX Group and IncubEx Expand Cooperation to Develop Global Environmental Markets

Leipzig, Germany, Washington and Chicago – (work wire) – The EEX Group and IncubEx today announced a new cooperation agreement, expanding their collaboration to grow and expand the environmental markets listed on the EEX and Nodal Exchange. The long-term agreement expands the scope of cooperation and builds on the significant progress made since the initial … Read more

Why working in your 60s can help increase Social Security

(Adam Levy) How much you get from Social Security retirement benefits depends on your earnings history. The formula for calculating interest is based on 35 years of your highest profit indexed for inflation. But there is one thing retirees need to know. those inflation Adjustments stop when you reach the age of 60. This can … Read more

Local Leaders Launch Entrepreneurship Program for Crawford County Students

by Crawford County is now staffed September 21, 2022 at 3:14 pm Crawford County–The CEO of Crawford (Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities) is a new district-wide program aimed at high school students interested in business and entrepreneurship. The program is scheduled to begin serving students in the fall of 2023. Efforts are underway to increase community support … Read more

AGM Glory G1S review: Superpowers in a rugged smartphone

Positives thermographic Big Screen Durable, grippy casing Long battery life The rear cameras are capable strong performance Negatives heavy Android 11 and Jan 2022 security Mono rear speaker Earlier this summer, my ZDNET colleague, Jack Wallen, posted his message impressions AGM Glory G1S Durable smartphone. I’m following it up with this official review. I’ve spent … Read more