The wrong fossil rewrites the history of the Indian subcontinent for the second time

What initially appeared like a Dickinsonia fossil (left) decomposed and commenced to peel off the rock in a couple of quick years (proper), an indication that it was one thing newer. Credit score: Gregory Retalak/Joe Mert In 2020, amidst the primary lockdowns of the pandemic, a science convention scheduled for India by no means occurred. … Read more

Research Shows Faster-than-Light Warp Is Possible (Probably)

It’ll take a faster-than-light “observer”. common relativity to new quantum locations. In new analysis, a lead scientist explains why One house f One Not sufficient time for this situation. Symmetry is Physics An idea that dates again to the time of Galileo. The key to faster-than-light physics could also be doubling the variety of dimensions, … Read more

A lost interview with Big Bang’s father reveals a captivating conversation

In 1931, A.A His title is the Belgian cosmologist Georges Lemaitre The astronomer was shocked. Maybe, he mentioned in a provocative paper, our completely colossal cosmic vastness might have begun as a really small singular level about 14 billion years in the past. Nonetheless, he continued, the blob might have exploded, ultimately spilling over into … Read more

Physicists discover a new way to solve the strange mystery of dark energy

Physicists have proposed a brand new rationalization for darkish vitality. It could possibly shed insights into the interdependence between quantum discipline concept and normal relativity concept, as two views of the universe and its parts. What’s behind darkish vitality – and what hyperlinks it to the cosmological fixed launched by Albert Einstein? Two physicists from … Read more

The universe is a little hotter than it should be. The “dark photons” could be to blame.

Observations point out that the intergalactic fuel in our universe is barely hotter than it must be. Not too long ago, a workforce of astrophysicists used subtle laptop simulations to suggest a radical answer: an unique type of darkish matter often called “darkish matter”. photons“It might be heating up the place. These unusual particles will … Read more

Why more physicists are beginning to think that space and time are “illusions”

Final December, the Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded for the experimental affirmation of a quantum phenomenon identified for greater than 80 years: entanglement. As conceived by Albert Einstein and his collaborators in 1935, quantum objects could be mysteriously associated even when they’re separated by nice distances. However as weird because the phenomenon sounds, why … Read more