Overturned Chevy Truck Breaks The Internet – Viral Video!

There are seemingly countless methods automotive lovers can customise their vehicles. Generally, individuals go to extremes with their mods, like this inverted one Chevrolet Picks Truck. The Chevy truck video broke the web and set it on hearth with it going viral on Twitter.

Video on Twitter of an overturned Chevrolet pickup truck driving down a road

A front angle view of an overturned Chevy pickup truck in a video that went viral on Twitter
Overturned Chevy Pickup Truck | Lance (@BornAKang) by way of Twitter video

The video of the overturned Chevy pickup truck was posted by a Twitter person named Lance (@worker) the day after Christmas, on December 26, 2022. It rapidly went viral, with over 7.9 million views on Twitter.

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